Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Want to stalk some deer?

I am basically not racing this season.  As you probably know from my recent complaining and morose tone of self-pity, I’m a bit broken so more or less all of my racing plans have been shelved in favour of gentle runs and occasional swims.

However, there is one race that I’m going to attempt even if I have to crawl most of it: The Mighty Deerstalker.

Rooted in the principles of organised chaos, and creating a winning combination of mud-running, fell-running, beer, obstacles, river-crossing, hill climbing, more beer, tweed, tartan and live music, The Deerstalker and The Mighty Deerstalker offer either 5k (and a bit) or 10k (and the rest) run over mad terrain on an estate in Peebles. Plus it’s on St Patrick’s Day (17th March)... I am going to bust out my new Innov8 Mudclaws and my best drinking face. Yes.

Last year's Deerstalker. Hahahahaha.
I’m telling you now because, unusually for this blog, I’m actually inviting you to participate.  As you may know, I work for a charity called Venture Trust, which is one of just two charities teaming up with the Deerstalker this year, and offering discounted places in exchange for a tiny bit of fundraising (40% off the normal entry price, for just a £100 fundraising target). We’ve already got a big team from Venture Trust running and a crew of supporters and friends of the charity along for the craic – you could be there too. Check out the official website here.

I’m thinking you probably want in. Email me at work here and I’ll get your entry sorted. Your face will probably end up on this blog – you’ve been warned...

Happy stalking,


2012 to date:
miles run - 5.7, miles biked: 6.4, metres swum: 750  

P.S. Off to hospital tomorrow for a scan on suspected hernia. Will let you know how I get on...

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