Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hello! and how I got here...


I love to run, and I love to write. Unfortunately I often suffer from a lack of motivation to do either. Hopefully this blog will help with both.

So how I got here. In April 2007 I signed up for a 5k charity run, called 'Run with Rory', which I only really agreed to do because I was involved in organising it, and we were panicked that no-one would take part. I hadn't run for at least four or five years, the pinnacle of my running achievements having been placing 20th out of 100+ in a school cross country run in 2000 or 2001.

Rory stretching before his annual run.

I turned up to Run with Rory in cheap, rubbish trainers, a pair of swimming shorts and a T-shirt. Half an hour later I flopped over the finish line, and decided that running wasn't for me.

Since then I've run a handful of 5ks and 10ks, the Edinburgh Marathon relay (three times), three half marathons, two Kilomathons, and two full marathons, as well as 'Running with Rory' twice more, including running as Rory in what I hope will be the sweatiest experience of my life.

Running forms a huge part of my life, it's pleasure spiked with pain, it's a good kind of hurt, it's worth it because it's hard, and I've no idea why I bother. Maybe I'll find out by writing it down. Hopefully this blog will motivate me in the inevitable lows, celebrate the highs, and document the in-betweens. We shall see. I expect I'll be logging my training, reporting on my racing, reminiscing about runs gone by, and commenting on running in the news. But who knows, maybe this will be the first and last from irunbecause. Looking forward to finding out.

Jog on, friends.


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