Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Guest Race Report - Reading Half Marathon 2012

It is my pleasure to post the following race report, written by guest contributor and all round good egg 'Aye Aye' Jenny Mackay - did you know she runs because she just can't stop? This is the first of (hopefully) three guest race reports which will go up in the next week or so, more to follow...

Race Report - Reading Half Marathon 2012

If you like the idea of having boundless spectator support for 90% of a race, the Reading Half could well be the race for you.

Deckchairs. A highlight.
Filling in for a friend of a friend, I took a place for the 2012 Reading Half Marathon rather blindly, not knowing anything about the route, competitors, organisation or indeed the atmosphere. Arriving at the Madejski Stadium I realised the benefit of participating in a race where the start and finish are in the same place. Bustling stalls, music, food and drink and deck chairs galore. So, lots to look forward to when finishing!

The race itself got off to a nice start taking the colourful swarm of runners onto dual carriageway, bound for the town centre.The route included going through Reading University, where students banged wooden spoons on pans and sat on their sofas which they dragged onto the pavement. Onwards then to the town centre when the route almost led us to actually running inside the Oracle shopping centre. I just managed to resist the temptation to do a bit of a browse in Debenhams mid-race... Then on to residential areas of Reading with fabulously cheerful kerbside locals, before the achey part of the race heading back to the stadium.

Am I glad I did this half marathon last minute? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes! This is an ideal race whether you’re wanting a nice training run for the London marathon or for a friendly and fun half marathon with friends.

Thanks Jenny! Coming soon, the Berlin Half Marathon and maybe even some cheeky tasty Irish marathoning action...

Happy running


2012 to date: miles run - 105.37, miles biked: 23.4, metres swum: 750

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