Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jedward want you dead

Yes, that two-headed Irish Britain’sGotTheXFactor thing is back in the press, this time for running the Los Angeles Marathon without having done any training! With no sleep, straight off a plane and without even eating breakfast! What a jape! What heroes! They’re so cool!

No, not a jape, actually, for several reasons. Nor are they heroic, or cool.

People who run marathons without proper preparation are reckless, foolish and not deserving of attention or praise. It is an unbelievably dangerous thing to do – you have no idea how you might react to the strain. If you’re lucky, you might just aggravate an old injury or have a generally miserable time. If you’re unlucky, you could die. I’m not even joking here. What Jedward has done in such a public and stupid way could spark a series of copycat attempts, and there could genuinely be some very dire consequences. Maybe they want you dead.

What’s more, I don’t truly believe they ran it. If you, like me, are somewhat suspicious or are curious as to what time they ran in such dire circumstances, then why not search the list of finishers? Here’s the link: Jedward’s real names are John and Edward Grimes – you’ll find that neither of them is in there. Nor is ‘Jedward’. And there was only one Irish finisher in the entire race, a Mr Eoin Fitzpatrick who ran a respectable 3:57. Jedward are pictured in various articles running with no race numbers, the classic sign of the ‘bandit’ runner who hasn’t bothered registering but is quite happy to take advantage of all the race has to offer, paid for by everyone else. They even had the gall to accept medals at the end (again, presumably not paid for).

 The BBC’s coverage of the story is here, the Daily Mail’s rather more extravagant take on events here.

Respect the distance, folks. Jedward is from another planet and only survived the ordeal through some sort of alien trickery, you might not get so lucky. And please don’t run as a bandit – that is the epitome of bad form.

Rant over. As you were.

Happy running


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  1. someones jealous..

  2. Is it you? I can assure you it's not me.

  3. Pre xfactor days, they were accomplished athletes. They are still extreemly fit and do still run but not to the same level. Their stage dancing routine is very high energy. They did spend the PREVIOUS day on a plane from Ireland and i'm sure they got plenty of sleep in. The race was 6am LA time which is 2pm uk/ireland time, their body clocks were still on uk/ireland time so no sleep really needed in the afternoon. Saying that, they did say they got four hours sleep before hand. They did eat a few hours before hand. They did wear bibs under their tracky tops. They registered very late. They did complete the race as plenty will testify. Their are experienced runners.

    1. Incorrect. They did NOT register. They even admitted that in their Tweets. As you know, Tweets are never lies. They registered "very late," as in never. They were bandits and do not deserve those medals. They proabably didn't even run the course from start to finish.

      There is absolutely no proof they ran 26.2 miles. What were their 10K splits? 20K, 30K? 18,000+ people have those to prove they ran. These spiked-hair attentions hogs do not.

    2. Actually, plenty on the LA Marathon facebook page are testifying they saw them, but no one can and no one is testifying they ran the whole thing.

      After all, that's all these dudes care about: to be SEEN. And to tell tall tales that gullible fans, of whom you are clearly Exhibit A, will eat up and never question.

    3. lol. so what are you saying? They got a taxi for some of the way? Oh ya, of course, they are so inconsipicious with their under stated hair and clothing, they would have gotten away with that no problem. I wonder how no picture of that showed up though, they must be good!! Sorry Jim but it looks like you got a touch of the green eyed monster going on, get over it.

  4. Well Mr Anonymous, looks like we'll have to agree to disagree.

  5. You are probably right that they should not have done it, but they definitely did it - there are photos and witnesses from all along the course.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    The "photos and witnesses" along the course actually go far to show they DID NOT run the entire course.

    Jon Chernila ran 3:43 and said he passed them at mile 13.

    These twins said they started all the way from behind (that would be @ 12 minutes before they got to the starting line). Jon started in a corral from the front. I was at the front of the general pack (7 minutes from starting line).

    The twins somehow got past me AND Jon, and only to get passed by Jon at mile 13?

    And one of these twins passed me just before finish line. So I must have also passed them and not notice the hair and the outfit?

    The actual witness events just don't add up to the story that they actually ran the course from start to end.

    And they should give the medals back.

    More likely....they didn't need to train because they ran a few blocks here, a half mile there, and were shuttled to all those photo and video ops by a driver.

  7. I believe they all of ran it, John is a faster runner the Edward, especially after Edward injured his leg and he finished ahead of his brother. I don't know them personally but from what I know of them they don't seem like the type of people who wouldn't lie. They are experience long distance and cross country runners. They have said that had they not pursued fame they would have been full time athletes. They still run frequently and often run form their home in Lucan to Dublin city centre (around 14km distance), here is pic of them before xfactor

  8. Robyn Gallagher has a pretty good answer to everthing see here