Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I've had a strange week in running shoes since I last posted. I'm struggling to get back into the rhythm of regular training after Alloa, for several reasons. The blisters have been problematic and are healing very slowly, and both ankles are a little weak too. My muscles are just tired. What I've learnt is that a massive race effort takes a huge amount out of you, and your training schedule afterwards should reflect that...

Anyway, I've been ever so slightly distracted this last week and a half, so I've not had much time or focus for big miles. I've had things to do, people to see, a fiancée to lavish love and affection on. I did manage to get a nice slow 10-miler in on Sunday morning, a hearty out-and-back along the canal, and also produced a 20:44 parkrun on Saturday. That was a highlight - a few months ago that time would have been a 5k PB, but now I can achieve that kind of time on a recovery week. Though I was beaten by a 14 year old. By four minutes. Sigh.

All this has put my running mojo in a constant state of flux. When not running, I'm inclined not to run. When running regularly, it seems unthinkable to skip a session. My mojo's got to be in shape before I can do anything.

So what has picked up my enthusiasm to lace up the running shoes and update the slightly neglected blog? Two things; this video:

I love absolutely everything about every second of that video. It's heroic and amazing and inspiring. I aspire to have just a fraction as much heart and guts as this woman.

The second mojo pick-me-up is the fact that this evening's run has tipped me over the 300 mile mark for the year so far (since January 3rd). Three hundred miles. That's the length of England. What's more, that means I'm on track for totalling over 1,200 miles in 2011 - 350 more than last year. People ask why I'm so obsessed with logging my mileage - the answer is, for moments like this.

Happy running


2011 to date - miles: 301.46, parkruns: 4, races: 2, miles biked: 12.85

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