Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Coming soon - live blogging!

On Sunday I will be running my third consecutive Alloa Half Marathon.  Despite the less-than-inspiring location of the race, this event means a lot to me - it was my first serious race in a University of St Andrews vest back in 2009, and was my main warm-up race for the Paris Marathon. Last year I recorded a massive 7:40 PB there, finishing in 1:37:03. It’s supremely well organised and run over a challenging but really quite enjoyable course. In short; it’s a great event that I hope to do for  many years to come.

However, I won’t be publishing a review on this blog, since I’ll be reporting on the race for Runners’ World magazine. To avoid duplicating material (and to avoid infringing copyright on my own work) I’ve decided not to blog about it in the usual way. Instead, I’ve come up with an even better idea. Introducing:

I run because... LIVE

Here’s how it works: On Sunday morning before I leave for the race I will publish a blogpost to let you know that I’m leaving the flat, probably including such fascinating details as what I’ve had for breakfast and how annoying it is to be up early on a Sunday.  From there onwards, the blog content is entirely in your hands.  Readers of I run because..., particularly guest bloggers, will call my mobile during the race for an update, then scurry back to their laptops to leave a comment on the LIVE blogpost.

They can write whatever they want; something completely factual and serious, mocking and rude or even largely fictitious, could be just a few words or a chunky paragraph – the only thing I’ll ask them to include for definite is my approximate mileage and race time. Hopefully four or five comments will appear during the hour and forty minutes (ish) it will take me to finish the race, but who knows? Could be none. Or dozens. Once I’ve crossed the finish line, I’ll call a reader who will round off the post with my finish time. Exciting stuff, eh?

If you would like to participate in I run because... LIVE then you’ll need my mobile number – send me an email or message me on Facebook to get it. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join in. The race starts at 10am, and I will be carrying my phone and running earphones with me throughout.

So tune in – I run because... LIVE from 10am this Sunday, 20th March, right here on I run because.

Happy running


2011 to date - miles: 260.39, parkruns: 3, races: 1


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  2. A cloudy and overcast morning meets Mr. David Haines as he sets out to run his third Alloa ½ Marathon since he took up running in mid-2008.

    I ring through a first time and get sent to voice mail, but on the second time it connects. David is a bit shocked someone would be calling this early into the race. He is about a mile in and has been swept up with everything, he said he has set out way too fast. He’s feeling okay but wants to get straight back into the run.

    Distance: 1.2 miles
    Time: 7min 51sec

    … and I had a whole load of good questions for him, nevermind ☺