Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Why does this keep happening!?

I think I am getting a reputation. As you know, on Saturday, this happened:
I said yes

This happens to me quite often, here are some recent examples:
I said yes

I said yes

I didn't say anything

There are the people who imply that I'm in some way culpable for their running...
I said probably

Then there are a few who, for some reason, don't like me constantly harping on about running, by 'liking' nonsense like this:
I said sorry

Then, yesterday, this happened:
I said yes.
Happy running.


2011 to date - miles: 221.07, parkruns: 3, races: 1


  1. This has one advantage - you don't have to go looking for events to do, people bring them to you!

  2. Very true! More fun this way, too. Any other suggestions, while we're redesigning my race schedule?

  3. Running up a tower? Don't trip!